An open letter from Corra Films:

My name is Sarra-Jane Piat-Kelly and I work for a film company in New York called Corra Films. We have been hired by the Texas Department of State Health Services to produce a series of Public Service Announcements for their Mental Health Public Awareness Campaign.

Our goal is to find several (up to 6) people and stories to film about noticing the signs of depression, and reaching out for help. Our target audience is teens and young adults, and adults who might spot signs oftrouble and get involved. We would love to feature
  • a high school student with their parent
  • a teacher or a coach who has spotted signs in a student
  • a young adult or two peer young adults 18-25 where one recognized depression in the other
But mostly, we just want to meet and interview as many people as possible who will tell us about how they recognized that they, or someone they loved, were exhibiting behaviors that were signals for depression.Corra Fims and the Sherry Matthews Advocacy Group recently did a campaign for the DSHS about the Prevention of Child Abuse that features real parents telling real stories of abuse. It was extremely powerful and successful, see it at We are hoping to bring the same awareness to the issues of undiagnosed depression and mental health.Corra films has been making testimonial ads for more than twenty years, and our hallmark is filming powerful, personal stories that connect and resonate with the target audience.  Our goal is to find subjects who the peer group will identify with, say “That sounds like me,” and pick up the phone and dial the call-to-action number at the end of the PSA and get assistance. Please check out our website to see some of the advocacy work we have done

Unfortunately, we are under apretty tight time crunch, and I would need to interview these people by Saturday the 5th.  We pay $20 for the interview, and if selected to bein the film, the participants would be paid $250 each. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have. I look forward to talking with you.
Sarra-Jane Piat-Kelly
Casting at Corra Films
917 9743344
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