Chairman Four Price’s mental health parity bill – HB 10 – is scheduled to hit the House floor on Tuesday, April 4th.

NAMI Texas has been closely involved in crafting this bill and advocating for it. A critical component of the strategy is for NAMI family members and peers to contact their Texas House representative in support of HB 10. We believe that 30-second, clear, and concise phone calls to Texas House representatives is best at this point. Please only call the one Texas House representative that you are a constituent of. Monday is best!

Here is a one-pager with information on HB 10. Please make your call today!

To make your call as easy and effective as possible, follow the simple steps below, provided by NAMI Texas.

Thank you for your advocacy!
NAMI Austin Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Call Checklist

Below is a basic checklist of items to include in these phone calls. A 30-second phone call from one of their constituents can make all the difference.

Introduce yourself:
Say hello.  Identify yourself by your name and mention that you are a constituent and the city or town you live in. Ask to speak to your legislator. If unavailable, ask if staff will relay your message. If you get voicemail, leave your message there.

State your issue and position:
Indicate why you’re calling. Let your legislator know your issue and the position or action you want him or her to take. “I am calling to ask for your / Rep. ____’s support on HB 10 – an important mental health parity bill – when it is heard on the House floor this week.

Make it personal:
Describe why this issue matters to you personally. Include how you are affected by mental illness. If you or a loved one have been affected by unfair private insurance denials for mental health benefits, please mention that.

Optional – add your story or talking point:

  • Option 1: Add a highlight of your story. In one to three sentences, describe an important part of your story that is relevant to the issue. In this case, it would be related to denials for mental health care under private insurance.
  • Option 2: Make a point or two. Talk briefly about the impact of the issue or bill. (please see the attached one-pager)

What is the need or problem:
Mention the problem or need you want addressed. Transition to the challenge(s) faced by people living with mental illness. (In this case: Historically, insurance benefits for mental health and substance use disorder (MH/SUD) services have been limited in many health plans, hindering access to the health care treatment needed for optimal recovery.)

What will help others:
Propose a solution. Let your legislator know what will help address the need or problem you described. (see the 4 “the bill calls for” items on the attached one-pager.)

Make you “ask”:
Express your hope for their support. Let your legislator know, again, the action or position you would like them to take. (“I would like to ask for your / Rep. _____’s support on HB 10 when it is heard on the House floor this week)

Thank your elected official. Let your legislator know you appreciate their time.

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