Sharing Hope




A no-cost mental health education program for African American communities

Sharing Hope is an hour-long presentation featuring a team of at least two individuals whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. They share vital information wrapped up in real storytelling and help increase mental health awareness by addressing a number of important topics:

  • The signs and symptoms of mental health disorders
  • How to talk about mental health and decrease stigma
  • An overview of recovery and how it’s possible
  • The types of mental health services and supports available, including NAMI education and support programs

What do Sharing Hope participants receive?

  • Sharing Hope: An African American Guide to Mental Health. This educational booklet provides mental health information through personal stories and highlights how and where to find help.
  • Resource information and fact sheets
  • Listing of free NAMI education and support programs

Why should you host a Sharing Hope  presentation in your community?

  • Mental illness is frequently stigmatized and misunderstood in the African American community. This presentation is an effective way to share important information, diminish the stigma of mental illness, introduce resources and information  and encourage participants to seek help when needed.

To schedule your Sharing Hope presentation, contact: or 512-420-9810