You can give Help and Hope to families and individuals affected by mental illness

Each year, thousands of individuals and families turn to NAMI Austin to receive free education, support, and resources. This is made possible by your generous support.

See what kind of impact your donation can make today:

$10  = a resource booklet for 20 teachers participating in our “Parents & Teachers as Allies” mental health school training
$25 = one manual for a family member registered for our free 12-week Family-to-Family class
$50 = a stipend for a trained individual to share their story of living with a mental illness for an educational class, program or presentation
$100 = informational materials needed for 15 “Ending the Silence” presentations to high school students
$250 = 20 new resource books on mental illness for our lending library
$500 = a 3-day intensive training for 10 new teachers for NAMI Basics, our 6-week class for parents & caregivers of children with early onset of behavioral or mental health issues