AnnouncingIn Our Own Voice (IOOV) is a unique public education program developed by NAMI, in which two trained speakers share compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery. In Our Own Voice presentations change attitudes, assumptions and stereotypes by describing the reality of living with mental illness.

What You’ll Gain

NAMI In Our Own Voice adds a critical perspective to the popular understanding of what people with mental illness are like. Listening to this presentation will provide you:

  • A first-hand account of what it’s like to live with a mental illness. Presenters humanize this misunderstood topic by demonstrating that it’s possible—and common—to live well with mental illness.
  • A chance to ask the presenters questions, which allows for a deeper understanding of mental health conditions and dispel stereotypes and misconceptions.
  • The understanding that every person with a mental illness can hope for a bright future.

What People are Saying

“Amazing presentation with amazing presenters! You 100% erased any stigma I used to associate with mental illness.”

“Several of the mental health staff stated that they saw recovery as a real option—for the first time ever.”

“Participating in the IOOV program is the single most effective thing I am doing to maintain my mental health. Time after time I see the audience respond with curiosity and interest. I know I am changing the face of mental illness and that I have transformed my pain into the power to make a difference.”

IOOV presentations are provided at no cost to peer groups, college students, law enforcement officials, educators, providers, faith community members, politicians, professionals, inmates and interested civic groups. Groups or organizations in Austin that are interested in seeing a presentation may request one by completing a NAMI Presentation Request Form [PDF or editable DOC] and emailing it to kathy[dot]bentz[at]namiaustin[dot]org. Please note: because we receive a large number of requests, we recommend you send in your request at least three weeks in advance. However, we do make every effort to fulfill each request we receive.