The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

As a grassroots organization, NAMI Austin relies heavily on volunteers to provide the diverse, life-changing programming that we are known for at no cost to participants.

How to Get Involved

Step One

Learn about Volunteer Opportunities

Click the link below to learn about all of the volunteer opportunities we offer at NAMI Austin!

Volunteer Opportunities ⇒

Step Two

Attend a Volunteer Information Session

We invite you to come learn about how you can get involved as a NAMI Austin volunteer at one of our hour-long Information Sessions at the Austin State Hospital Campus! If you are a new volunteer, you must attend an Information Session before applying to volunteer.

Please register to attend one of the upcoming sessions:

  • Tuesday, March 6th, 6pm-7pm in Building 626, Nifty Fifty Diner
  • Wednesday, March 7th, 12pm-1pm in Building 781, Room 415

Register Here

All Information Sessions are held at the Austin State Hospital Campus, 4110 Guadalupe Street. There are two different buildings within the Austin State Hospital Campus that the Information Sessions may be held in, so be sure to check which building is the correct location for the session you registered for.


  • Building 626 on Austin State Hospital Campus
    • When you enter the campus from Guadalupe St., go straight and take the first right 
    • Stay straight on this road, and you will  see a sign that says Nifty-Fifty Diner on the left-hand side
    • At the 4 way stop sign, turn left (Ave. C.)
    • Take an immediate left into the parking lot. 
    • You can park anywhere in this lot and enter the building (Building 626.  This building is known as the Nifty-Fifty Diner and/or as the Canteen.)
  • Building 781 on Austin State Hospital Campus
    • When you enter the campus from Guadalupe St., take the first left (S. 3rd St.)
    • You’ll see some brown signage pointing you to the right for the Switchboard and Admissions.
    • Follow the sign and veer to the right. You’ll see a small parking lot with visitor parking spaces.
    • Building 781 is the 5-story building to the left of the small parking lot.
    • Park here if you find a spot, but otherwise, you can park anywhere.

Step Three

Apply to Volunteer

After you attend a Volunteer Information Session you will be ready to apply for a volunteer position. Click the link below for information about NAMI Signature Program training and all volunteer applications.

NAMI Signature Program Training & Volunteer Applications ⇒

Step Four

Get Inspired!

Read about how one of our NAMI Austin volunteers is making an impact on the community.

This month we are recognizing Roger Waak for all the work he has done for the new Family & Friends program in addition to being a Family-to-Family teacher and facilitating Family Support Group. Wow! Roger has given so much of his time, energy, and passion to these programs and to the NAMI Austin community. He is dedicated to helping family members overcome the same challenges that he has faced in caring for a loved one with mental illness.

“I enjoy helping people understand mental health issues, and finding resources and solutions so that they feel more empowered to help their loved ones…Some have talked to me later to report that they were successful in re-establishing relationships with their loved ones having mental illness.” – Roger

The support and hope that Roger has provided to so many families is inspiring. At the two Family & Friends sessions he co-presented, many of the attendees were deeply moved and extremely appreciative of the information that was presented. And his impact extends to many, many more families and loved ones as his teaching, facilitating, and presenting will continue to make positive changes in the lives of so many people. Thank you, Roger, for providing support and giving hope to so many families!