shopping_healthcare_sm-1024x1006In almost every aspect of the American marketplace, the consumer is empowered. Why shouldn’t it be the same with mental health? What does it mean to be a fully-informed and empowered consumer of mental health services and information?
At our March NAMI Austin Community Meeting, Dr. Mathis Kennington provided a presentation in which he pulled back the curtain on the mental health marketplace to show you how to be your own best advocate in the search for the best care. He provided participants with a list of the right questions to ask, information to demystify the mental health licensure process, and he empowered participants to be the expert on their mental healthcare choices.


Dr. Kennington filmed his presentation and will be sharing portions of the presentation on his website. You can view it here and you can download a copy of his “10 Key Questionnaire” here.
Dr. Mathis Kennington is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Supervisor who specializes in couples therapy and is an adjunct faculty at St. Edward’s University.

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